Week 25

 June 18, 2017 – SUNDAY

Photo (?????? potato salad photo, don’t like?)

Some Don’t like it HOT: It was hot last night and the night before and will be tonight. They predict hot days to come. Where is the cool Bay weather, the weather I need to sleep well? We have no air conditioning. We have not needed it, but now with global warming we will need it. We have some screens on windows, but none on the doors. We need screens on doors because we are not letting this batch of cats out to wander as they will, and because of that we cannot open our doors to let what breezes there are, in. If the heat is to continue, we must have screens for our doors.

Michael and Peter are off to see a A’s baseball game this afternoon. I will boil potatoes and eggs; dice celery, onions and pickles to make my mother’s potato salad for a potluck movie at friends tonight. Mother’s potato salad is the best I’ve ever had and likely the best ever made. — not hyperbole, a fact and not a fake fact.

June 19, 2017 – MONDAY

Photo of linens drying on line

The Wash: How much laundry can one generate? In my case, a lot. I wash our dishcloths, sponges and dish towels separately and hang them on the outside line dry. Hot water cleans them well, but sun and fresh air disinfect and bleach.   Now dried, gathered and ironed, they are stored in kitchen drawers, waiting again to dry dishes, glasses and pots and pans. The cycle repeats.

June 20, 2017 – TUESDAY

Photo: petition for market or market

Trumpesque: Trump now resides in Washington, but our neighborhood is resplendent with little Trumps claiming what they did not do and harming what good things they can, all for the sake of ego.

A decade and a half ago (maybe 2 decades ago) we – a group of neighbors (Nancy Rieser, Caroline Kim, Laural Haas and a few others), Michael, columnist Peggy Stinnett and I – worked together and saved a small park from developers. Our councilman said that park should be given to developers because the park, bisected by an unnecessary soft-turn lane, was little used. To counter that claim, a group started a farmers market in the park, and that resulted in the highest per person per square foot use of any park in Oakland. The farmers market, in effect, ‘saved’ the park.

After we ‘saved the park,’ a man who supported the councilman giving of the land to LA developers claimed to have saved the park and to have started the farmers market. He did neither. The couple that suggested the farmers market as a way of saving the park wanted the ad hoc farmers market committee to select their market friend to run our local market. We selected another market manager because their friend’s market was a farmers market, but hardly a sophisticated one. They were upset with the committee’s choice. Fast-forward: Our farmers market is highly successful, but the couple with the original market idea still want their friend to manage our neighborhood market, and the man who did nothing, but claimed everything, wants to create his own market (& presumably take the profits it generates). For almost 20 years Michael and I never corrected the erroneous claims of our neighbors. The park was saved and the market a success. What was the point? Our market has repeatedly been voted the outstanding market of the East Bay, but THEY do not like it and say it is too busy, that THEY only want farmers and that THEY would give the City more money for running the market on City land than the current management team. Those neighbors seem to believe themselves to have done what they did not do, to represent the community, which they do not represent. They seem to believe that an organization with lesser skills than the current farmers market manager can run a better market. They believe, without experience or expertise, that they can do better than what our farmers market group has done superbly.

I spent a good part of yesterday writing a rebuttal of the Trump-esque groups false claims and today sent off memos to our mayor and council. But one thing for sure, in this day and age, those who make up facts and proclaim untruth to be truth, seem to have the upper hand and are believed when they should be discredited. In spite of the fact that the untruth tellers seem to have the ear of council representatives, JM and I are now working to preserve a good thing, our farmers market. That market has helped to revitalize our neighborhood, and our once empty business streets, every day of the week are busy. The successful farmers market is the primary reason our street once lined with boarded up buildings is now a thriving business district. Why destroy what has been done and done well? Egos or delusion? Likely both! The cause does not matter, but preserving the ‘premier market of the East Bay,’ by preserving the management team does matter because the vitality of our neighborhood depends on it. So after a decade and a half, we are once again trying to save something that we believe is important to our community. The fight is on!


PHOTO: Gin & tonic

Nothing: A day of nothing, no obligations, no commitments of any type. What will be done will be done. Nothing is planned, preplanned. I will do what I will do and that will be that. I am glad for this day of nothing.

June 22, 2017 – THURSDAY

Photo: photo of patio stones w/ stepables

The doing: Today a busy day. I was to attend an A’s game with JM and his friend. I opted out this morning. I’ve already been to two games this week. George came over and spent the day working in the yard. I did housework and computer work. I had intended to work with George pulling up weeds that have grown between our patio stones. As a child I spent a summer on my grandmother’s farm. A neighbor asked if my sisters and I could help weed a field of beans. Mother said yes, and that day in the bean field taught me that weeds are hardy, hardier than ‘wanted’ plants. My childhood day in the bean field remembered as I make plans to ‘weed out’ the unwanted and keep the stepables. And those stepables, some are a bit too hardy even if they are not weeds and need culling too. Not today. Another day George and I will work a section at a time to cull. It is hands and knees work. I wish I could use a hoe, but in such small spaces precision is needed.

June 23, 2017 – FRIDAY

Photo of fog on the hills

Fogging: Cold at last. Cold at last. After the sweltering heat, I welcome the Pacific fog. “Roll in” I say, “roll in!’

June 24, 2017 – SATURDAY

Photo of singers

Over the bridge to San Francisco for a concert in which Elfrieda Langemann, soprano, performed. The concert was held as part of the Sunset Music and Arts series at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation on 29th Avenue in San Francisco. The voices pure and gorgeous. How does one describe such beauty? It did make me wonder if some humans were descendants of birds. And as I listened, I wanted such talent for myself and wondered what it must feel like to open one’s mouth to song and create the sounds they created. Such talent as the singers (and piano player) possess should at their display be very well attended, but in the Bay Area with so many venues, this performances was missed by many who would have found it thrilling. It was a concert for a few. “Sing on. Bravo! Bravo!” I would hear more.